Month: September 2016

Making Your Sash Windows Look More Alive

They say that windows should be considered as a very important part, and asset of a house. That being said, there is a need for house owners to make sure that they make this part of their abode appear lively. It should not appear like a dull area which only serves as a place to look at events happening in your surroundings.


The truth of it is that there are many ways for you to make your window areas look alive. But depending on your house itself, your options might be limited. However, that should not prevent you from doing what you need to do to have a beautiful window pane inside your dream house.

Pick the right curtains to have beautiful design

Your choice of curtain that will be put in your window areas can actually have effects on how it appears. You should not just match your option with the shade of your sash windows , but you must also consider the entirety of your house. But generally, something a bit plain and has bright colour would suffice. Just make sure that you don’t do too much with this for you might end up making things look bad.

sash windows

Have few potted plants if possible

Plants can effectively suggest the idea of being alive and therefore putting a few of potted plants in areas near to windows can help you a lot for this problem. You can choose short flowering plants. Make sure to pick those that are not that dependent on water. Choose those that can survive and look more beautiful when struck my sunlight.

Put a couch near the window

This might seem strange but this can definitely get the job done. Your window can be an object of attention if you have a nice, soft and comfortable couch just beside it. You can sit there while you enjoy looking at the sceneries around you. This will also allow you to sit and think of some other ways to make your window a bit more alive and beautiful than what it looks right now. You can enjoy while also relaxing with this kind of set up.